We have been connecting with this day, for days, a day of mobilizations, of demands, of feelings, a day full of sorority and a day of feminism. Because of this, we wanted to do something different, something special, something that would support and encourage us.

In 2017 #MeToo hashtag was launched. A flag under which many women shared their experiences about all kind of violence (sexual, gender, obstetric…), harassment, fear, sexual abuse,… that they suffered (or still suffer) because they are women. So brutal, so heartbreaking and that has united us all so much. Feelings like “If they touch one, they touch us all”, “I do believe you”, “we are a pack”, “only yes means yes”, linking us with that thread that unites us and holds us together.

This year 2020, we want it to be the beginning, a year for discovering ourselves and sharing out of our resilience, giving voice and giving value to that “no”, the “so far”, those words that came out of our mouths through our entire cerebral cortex marking a turning point. That moment that made a difference, the moment when we empowered ourselves without being conscious, and marked our line, our limits, our space, our decision. The “click”.

That moment we never imagined we would happen, and it happened, and we did it.

That instant that did not change the outcome but changed everything.

Under the hashtag #andididit we want to gather all those moments, all the experiences, all the turning points that have planted a seed to start generating change. Changes that we see and changes that we don’t see but we feel have changed us.

We will share our #andididit with all of you, if you also want to share it, you can post this image in your social networks and if you want to be anonymous but still want to contribute and continue planting seeds, you can send us your experience by email to or with the subject#andididit (#ylohice in Spanish) and we will share it while keeping your anonymity.

Thanks to ROCIO VIDAL @rainvart for this amazing illustration.


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