What Our Users Say

What Our Users Say

It has been a little while since our previous user survey, so last month we launched a short customer survey to understand the impact our App had on our users (or as we call them, our “usuarias”, the feminine version of users). We created a short google form and asked them to help us out in one of our blog posts in the Spanish version, which is automatically linked to our in-app content. We then also promoted it in our instagram lives. So between 25th of September and 7th of October 2,755 of our Spanish speaking users have filled out the form. Here is a short summary of the results.

First, we asked them how much they agree with the affirmation that LactApp has been key to their breastfeeding journey and we received a very similar result to our previous survey: 73% completely agreed or agreed (top two boxes). 

Next, we asked: “How much do you agree with the following statement: “LactApp has contributed in prolonging my breastfeeding journey”? and 75% agreed. There can be so many reasons why a breastfeeding journey might end, but this result confirms that LactApp helps mothers in overcoming hurdles to achieve their desired breastfeeding goal.  

Automatic consultations, blog and chat function were the top 3 valued functions of LactApp and we have received many valuable suggestions and great insights for us to improve our services. 

Also, over 57% of users have told us that they managed to avoid a visit with a healthcare professional thanks to the information in LactApp.

Most of those were midwife appointments or with a gynecologist or pediatrician:

Finally we included an open question: “What would you like to tell us” and were overwhelmed with 415 mentions of “gracias”, thank you.

So here are just some of the answers we received from our amazing users:

“Knowing that there is someone on the other side who does not judge and who understands how we feel and how vulnerable we are at the moment is very important. THANK YOU”

“Thanks for all your help! Having someone to turn to with all my questions has given me peace of mind and has made the difference between a first time failure and a success this time round.”

“Because of coronavirus I did not feel comfortable or prepared to attend the local clinic. My child had a bad latch and I needed urgent counselling. Thanks to lactaapp I could solve it at home, at my own pace, I felt respected not invalided and that’s why this application gets my full 10!”

“Your app has saved my breastfeeding journey! I have found answers to difficult situations that came up and when no other professional has been able to explain to me (and therefore the advice I have been given the most was to quit). I will never have enough words to thank you for the work you do and the information you share. The breastfeeding world is a little bit better thanks to you :)”

“I wished I had found you much earlier!”

“I don’t know if Lactapp has prolonged my breastfeeding journey, but it has made it calmer and more pleasant :)”

“As a pediatrician, I have recommended you very highly. Thank you for your scientific rigour.”

“THANK YOU. Thanks to you, I am now going to be breastfeeding for one year. During the first month I thought this would be impossible. Your information is pure gold.”

“I really like your application because it is very complete in terms of information and because it is very respectful to any choice of every family. I always recommend it ;)”

“I have recommended the app about 10 times to my pregnant or postpartum friends.”

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