The Marmet Technique for hand expressing breastmilk

The Marmet Technique for hand expressing breastmilk

The Marmet technique of expressing breastmilk by hand is the most widely used form of breast pumping worldwide. Even so, it is little known in places where breast pumps are widely used.

This type of breastmilk removal offers several advantages:

  • No special equipment or batteries needed
  • Allows the mother to get to know her breasts well and be completely self-sufficient
  • It can be done anywhere and at any time
  • It may be preferred when there is a rejection of mechanical materials or certain sounds made by electric and manual breast pumps.
  • No direct pulling pressure on the nipple; this can be of advantage when there is nipple damage, cracks, or pain
  • This technique allows for a specific breast area to be emptied as efforts can be targeted, improving the extraction in case of obstructions.
  • It is an effective method to stimulate breastmilk supply

Chele Marmet, the renowned lactation consultant and mother, described this technique, which consists of two parts:

  1. Breast stimulation: These first steps aim to achieve a milk ejection reflex by massaging the breast. It consists of a massage in the form of circles on the breast, making movements with the palm from the ribs to the nipple, and gently shaking the breast.
  2. Milk extraction: after the first preparation step, the actual extraction begins. With the hand in a C shape, positioned on the outer edge of the areola, push the tissue towards the ribs and move the fingers together without sliding them along the skin.
  3. In this video, you can find clear explanations. Like any technique, there is a learning curve; sometimes, it can become desperate for the mother, and patience is needed. There will be people who will quickly achieve enough milk, while it will be more complicated for others.

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