How to survive the Holidays when you are breastfeeding

How to survive the Holidays when you are breastfeeding

It’s the time of Christmas, holidays, and New Year celebrations, and many of you will see family and friends, go to parties, get-togethers, and other celebrations. But are you ready for what’s to come?

It makes no difference whether you are a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mother, bring your baby in a sling, baby carrier, pram, or stroller. When you go to meals, engagements, and celebrations with a baby that inevitably becomes the center of attention, it’s difficult not to receive plenty of opinions and advice. Although this is mostly well-intentioned, it’s not always desired! 

Many times you will have to deal with opinions you don’t like, things you don’t agree with, comments that can make you wonder if you are doing it all right or even if you are a good mother, and you might get sore ears.

For some mysterious reason, many people feel that when you have a baby in your arms, they have to comment on any aspect of the baby’s upbringing and feeding at any time and under any circumstances. But how to deal with unwanted opinions? It’s not easy, but here are some simple tips in case you need to put them into practice:

  • Selective hearing
  • Perpetual smile and a “Yes, of course” to everything and everyone.
  • Start a different conversation, it’s a great deviation strategy
  • A little humor goes a long way; be creative!
  • A good ironic reply never fails. “But why? How come? Why is that?” And not denying is what works best: “Ah, how interesting,” and that’s the end of the debate.
  • “We’re doing fine like this, thank you” works for any suggestions or opinions.
  • You can also try the typical excuse that your baby is tired and needs some quiet time to step away and relax somewhere else. 

If you have any other great ideas, let us know in the comments; we are sure many of you have your own tips and tricks. 

Think that the path of parenting is long and the few days of get-togethers will pass quickly. And always remember that for your baby, you are the best mother in the world!

And remember that you can eat everything you want when you are breastfeeding, and if you feel like having a little drink to celebrate the holidays, you can do so, as long as you are careful. Here is an article about alcohol and breastfeeding, in case you haven’t read it yet.

Have a great time during the holidays!

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