How to prepare a feeding bottle properly

How to prepare a feeding bottle properly

Every women should have all the information she may need in order to decide which breastfeeding experience she desire to have.

We can not forget that many women offer mixed breastfeeding to their babies (breastfeeding plus artificial milk) so we think it is appropriate to talk today about how to prepare a bottle.

We don’t know if you’ve been up to date with the latest news about babies suffering from salmonellosis, as the formula they were drinking was contaminated with the bacteria. Artificial milk is not sterile and the contamination of batches of artificial milk is cyclical. In the same way that we learn food hygiene recommendations such as not refreezing food and maintaining the cold chain, knowing the recommendations for preparing bottles is key.

Wash your hands thoroughly for at least one minute.
The bottle and teat must be clean and stored on suitable surfaces or paper, avoiding the use of kitchen cloths.
Prepare the water for the bottle, can be from the tap, heating it until it comes to boil.
Read the instructions on the formula container carefully and use the exact amounts of powder and water indicated. Reducing or increasing the amount of water or powdered milk poses a health risk to the baby.
Fill the bottle with the indicated water, it is important that the temperature does not decrease of the 70 ºC.
Add to the water the amount of powder indicated on the package.
Close the bottle carefully and shake it so that the powder is reconstituted and no lumps remain.
Fill a container with cold water and place the bottle in it. This way, the temperature of the milk will decrease.
Check that the temperature of the formula is correct by depositing a few drops of milk on your wrist. The milk must be warm, it does not need to be hot.
To offer the milk to the baby, it is necessary to remember that artificial milk is also administered on demand, as much in quantity as in the interval of feedings. The milk that the baby hasn’y drunk can only be stored for the next two hours. If you do not use it, you will need to discard it.

There is another option, in case you want to leave prepared artificial milk feedings. Once the milk has cooled, it is left in the fridge at a temperature of less than 5 degrees. To heat this milk it is only necessary to submerge it in a little hot water and stir it so that the content is heated in a homogeneous way. The prepared milk can only be in the fridge for 24 hours, if it is not used it must be thrown away.

It is also very important not to leave traces of artificial milk in the bottles and wash them thoroughly after each use, you can use the dishwasher, as it is very easy to leave traces of milk that can cause cross-contamination. It is not necessary to sterilize the bottles if we can guarantee a thorough washing of all its elements


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