How to choose a breast pump

How to choose a breast pump

Mothers often ask us for recommendations on choosing a breast pump, what brand, or what specific model. But to know which one to choose, first of all, you need to ask yourself some questions and take into account the use you want to make of it and what is your
specific situation.

When choosing a breast pump, you must ask yourself what you plan to use it for. You may need a breast pump for very different situations, such as:

  • if you need it for a premature baby that is in hospital
  • to go out for a few hours a day while leaving the baby at home with someone else
  • if you need to work while you pump milk at the same time
  • because you return to paid work
  • because your baby is not gaining weight
  • because you want to donate your milk
  • to make a milk stash (freezer reserves)
  • to increase your milk supply
  • to test if you can increase your milk supply
  • if you will be away from your baby for several days
  • in the case of engorgement or mastitis
  • to relactate (get back to breastfeeding after introducing formula)
  • to induce lactation
  • to wean and stop breastfeeding

There are many other circumstances why you might want a breast pump. Therefore, we propose a series of questions to help you decide what type of breast pump you need and then guide you on choosing a particular brand.

What are you going to use the breast pump for?

This is an important first consideration. It’s not the same to use it to get as much milk as possible to give to your baby while you are not there as it is to use it for an occasional feed.

How long will you need it for?

When deciding about the investment you will make in a breast pump, you can also think about how much you will use it. It will not be the same if you need it to keep breastfeeding when you return to work after some months, as if you need it just for a specific occasion.

Can you stop what you are doing so you can pump?

This aspect is important to consider if a wearable and wireless breast pump will work well for you.

How do you choose one brand over another?

  • Check the online reviews for the brand you would like to buy.
  • Make sure there is a customer service department in your country.
  • Check if the brand offers breast pump funnels of different sizes or a solution for different sizes of nipples. This article explains the importance of choosing the right funnel size.

Do you have any more questions?

You can talk to our breastfeeding experts through the Consultation Channel of our LactApp app, which is free to download for iPhone and Android.

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