The Signs on the Road that led to Apple

The Signs on the Road that led to Apple

From day one, we had many signs that we were taking the right steps. The entrepreneur path is never easy because there’s no manual to guide you. You are guessing what your next step should be and you don’t really know when your decisions are right or wrong, even after taking them. You learn, rethink and grow from each decision you make. Many times you take steps in several directions at the same time and it feels more like spinning in circles than moving forward. But none of that matters if your mission remains unchanged.

Our mission has been our guide, our lucky rabbit, and our users have been the energy. They are the waves that have allowed us to reach the next port. This time, the waves led us to the other side of the Atlantic.

And I return to the signs… we have had them, and many! The unconditional support of our users, the recognition of institutions that seemed unreachable and, above all, the ability to attract extraordinarily talented people to the project. Too many and too constant over time that made us certain we had to continue betting on LactApp, because it deserves it and because we believe in it. And now, it is a reality.

Then, an extraordinary company like Apple recognized us and listened to the story of how we were built from the ground up. We told them that we look up towards the sky, and want to reach the stars. We spoke with them about our mission, and the importance of the role of women as a force for change in society. Our focus is on women’s choice and their decision-making process, the way in which information reaches women and makes them vary or confirm our maternity experience.

Receiving support from Apple is an honor in many ways, but above all, it’s a great recognition of our mission and the impact we want to make on our world, from the beginning of life. The  opportunity to be part of Entrepreneur Camp will allow us to take a giant leap into the future, to bring technology closer to mothers all over the world. And we are no longer afraid of appearing utopian or dreamers, because we know… everything is possible, even without a manual.

Maria Berruezo

Co Fundadora de LactApp Women Health

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