Nipple discomfort in the first days

Nipple discomfort in the first days

Breastfeeding should never hurt, because pain tells us that there is something that can be improved. But what about some discomfort in the nipples during the first days of your baby’s life?

During pregnancy, women do experience nipple discomfort. In fact, one of the first signs of pregnancy is the sensitivity that you suddenly begin to experience in your breasts. The nipple area is so sensitive during pregnancy that some find they don’t want anyone to touch them, and even rubbing against clothing can be uncomfortable. This is because, during pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone levels are very high, which causes extreme sensitivity in nipples.

How should it feel in the first days of breastfeeding?

The closest sensation would be that of a pinch when the baby latches on. A sharp sensation that diminishes within seconds and disappears completely after a few minutes. If this discomfort turns into pain and does not go away within a few seconds, you need to check what is going on.

Can I do anything about it?

No, there is nothing you can do to avoid these discomforts in the first few days. They are related to hormonal fluctuations after birth, so you have to wait for them to go away on their own. This discomfort is not felt with the same intensity in a subsequent postnatal period; it can vary in each new breastfeeding journey.

How long does this sensitivity last?

Usually, this sensitivity of the nipples and this unpleasant pinching sensation lasts about 15 days. But at this point, it should disappear completely.

How do I know if it is sensitivity or if it is pain?

Pay attention if this sensitivity disappears within seconds or if it is prolonged and amplified during the feed. In that case, it’s not a hormonal sensitivity, and you need to check your baby’s latch and mouth to find out as soon as possible what aspects can be improved.

What should I do if the discomfort does not go away?

Ask for help. You should definitely find help to see what is going on. When there is pain during breastfeeding, there are usually latch difficulties in the baby’s position or some other aspect related to the oral structures of your little one (usually a tongue-tie) that causes you to feel pain during the feed.

Breastfeeding pain is one of the causes for women to stop breastfeeding earlier than they want to, and it is crucial to find the causes of this pain as soon as possible. If you are told that your baby is well positioned, but you are still feeling pain, something can always be improved. And you probably need to keep asking for more help to find out what can be improved.

I think I need help

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