How do I know if exclusive breastfeeding is going well?

How do I know if exclusive breastfeeding is going well?

How do you know if your newborn is breastfeeding well? And how do you know if exclusive breastfeeding is working?

Mothers only learn how to breastfeed once they have their baby in their arms. Although we think breastfeeding is an instinct, in reality, it is not. Babies, however, do know instinctively how to breastfeed. Mothers can build their knowledge and learn it by watching other mothers breastfeeding, which is why finding a breastfeeding support group or joining other breastfeeding mothers is a good idea.

The start of breastfeeding is an intense time, full of emotions, and can be exhausting in a way nothing has ever been before. That’s why it’s important that you have the tools to make sure breastfeeding is established correctly and that your baby is getting all the milk they need.


LactApp breastfeeding Test

To help you understand how your breastfeeding is being established, LactApp has developed two free in-app Tests that work like a questionnaire, asking key questions to make sure that your breastfeeding baby is feeding well.

“Your baby’s first 5 days”

This test has been developed for babies between 3 and 5 days of age who are being exclusively breastfed. Take the test during the first days of breastfeeding.

“Is my baby feeding well? (First month)”

This test was designed for babies between 15 and 30 days of age, who are exclusively breastfed.

To take these tests and others offered by LactApp, just go to the LactApp Home screen and scroll down to the Test section. You can download the App for free for your iPhone and Android.

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