Hair is growing on my areola – is it normal?

Hair is growing on my areola – is it normal?

Today we are going to talk about a topic that can be somewhat taboo. It is the appearance of hair on the areola. Is it normal?

The truth is that, as mammals, our body is full of hair. And although women have less hair on their torso, the areola is an area where it is possible for hair to appear.

So yes, it is possible that visible hair grows on the areola (on the external part of the areola), and they can also become quite long. If this is your case, surely, you will notice them more in the first days or weeks after they appear, but after a few weeks, you may forget about them.

What should I do?

Don’t panic! First, they have no significance, and then there are solutions. The first option is to don’t do anything. If they don’t bother you or your baby, you don’t have to get rid of them. But if you want to get rid of them because they bother you, you can do so by pulling them out with tweezers.

Can I get laser hair removal on my breast?

Yes, you can. And this is totally safe when you are breastfeeding, as there is no risk to your breastmilk. If you say you are a breastfeeding mother, the beauticians might be afraid to carry out the procedure. But, whether you choose laser hair removal or pulsed light hair removal, you should know, and you can rest assured that they are both fully compatible with breastfeeding. You don’t need to take any precautions.

I don’t have any. Will I get them later?

Not necessarily; not all women get hair on their areola. As with everything, everybody is different. And breastfeeding will not make more hair grow on your breasts.

Do you have ay more questions?

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