Breastfeeding evolves with your baby

Breastfeeding evolves with your baby

Babies grow, and every day, they do different things; they develop, they advance their learning, they surprise us, and they constantly change. And you can watch them while this happens day by day. Maybe before becoming a mother, you didn’t know how babies will change month by month, but everyone knows that a newborn does not do the same things as a 6-month-old baby.

What about breastfeeding?

We are often asked if a specific breastfeeding behavior at a certain age is normal or not. Well, the truth is that it is really hard to know what is “normal” when it comes to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is not one single situation; it is not set in stone and continuously stable, and that stays the same, but breastfeeding evolves and changes with your baby. And this is where it’s magic; it never stays the same.

As adults, we love routines because they give us security, but few things are as unpredictable as a baby and especially a baby’s appetite.

Whether your baby is now feeding at the breast more or less or sleeping more or less time, this happens “now,” but it is very likely that in a few weeks, it will be different and that what you are experiencing right now will have changed completely. So you have to allow yourself to get surprised and work through the discomfort that the arrival of each new situation can provoke.

We can recommend that you try to trust your baby and you trust in yourself and in your ability to produce milk. And if you have any doubts, find more information in LactApp and ask in our consultation channel; we will be here for you.

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