Breast compression, so the baby eats more

Breast compression, so the baby eats more

When a baby doesn’t eat enough and doesn’t gain weight, or has sucking difficulties that force her to suck without rest to get the milk she needs, we can help her with the breast compression technique.

The technique is very simple and allows the mother to optimize the feeding and shorten the time the baby is at the breast while the baby can receive more milk from the breast. In this way, we get the baby to eat more and in less time.


How do I do it?

Next we are going to explain how to do the mammary compression (you can enlarge the images):

Place the baby to suckle normally and let it continue until she stops. Once shet stops or starts to nurse more slowly, we can start compressions.

– The mother places her hand in a C* shape and compresses the breast. This action should cause the baby to reactivate sucking or suck more actively. When it stops again, do the same action again, until the baby stops reacting to the compression.

– Once we have finished with a breast we will observe the baby. If the baby is asleep and has eaten effectively, the feeding can be considered finished. If the baby is still awake and anxious, we can offer the other breast and do the same.

– Look for another compression point and repeat the three previous steps.

* The simplest way is to imagine that we have a four-story sandwich of sliced bread between our two hands and we have to squeeze it in order to eat it. The gesture we make about the sandwich is the same as the gesture we make about the chest.


Who is it for?

Breast compressions are recommended for babies with little weight, who tire when suckling, babies with sucking difficulties or in the case that the mother has pain and wants to go fast during the feeding in order not to lengthen the pain but ensuring that the baby eats what it needs. Also mothers who have or think they have a low milk production can benefit from this simple technique.


How long does it take to perform breast compressions?

In the event that it is necessary to perform breast compressions, it is usually a temporary measure that helps us overcome a phase, either because the mother may feel pain or because the baby has difficulty gaining weight.


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